Book with confidence

When you make your holiday booking with The Holiday People you can book with confidence and rest safe in the knowledge you're going to be protected. Here’s how:

Honest & Truthful Advice

We are not a hard sell travel company. Whilst our sales team do earn commission it is the minority of their salary and so we’re never pushy. We won’t hide behind small print and we’ll always give you honest and truthful advice. You mean a lot to us and we’ll make sure we protect you as well as ensuring you have the greatest of holidays!

Our Financial Protection

We have market leading financial protection in place for our customers through our ATOL, our Trust account, Client account ABTA and our insurance policies.

When customers book with The Holiday People their money is separated from money used to run The Holiday People. Costumes money is deposited into either the Trust or Client account where it stays until the customer departs on holiday.


Being flexible is maybe the single most important factor when making a holiday decision. We are well aware of the changing policies as regards boarders. We will always offer free dates where we can and be upfront about any costs.

Low Deposits

We always strive to ensure our customers receive market leading value and service. We know paying for a holiday in full in one go is a lot to ask so we offer low deposits. Our customers can reserve their holiday for a small deposit and pay the rest at a later date.


We pride ourselves on our customer service and we believe we’re the market leader. Our team are experts from the travel industry. We ensure everyone has at least two years experience before joining our sales and service team. We believe in a People First approach and so you won’t encounter any automated messages or robots when talking to us!

Great Prices

Our prices are always competitive. In some cases we may not be the cheapest but we will always offer the best value and service available.

Monthly Payment Plans

Just like our low deposits, our monthly payment plans are there to make our customers' lives easier. We can arrange for payments to be made towards your holiday every month. This process is all automatic and requires no management or hassle!

Our Governance

Not only do we have strong internal governance via our board and non-executive director and shareholders but we’re also governed by ATOL and ABTA who regulate how The Holiday People operates.

Contact our team

We believe in the value of people. Our travel experts have extensive experience and are here to help with any enquiry. Hope to hear from you soon!

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday9am - 7pm
  • Saturday10am - 4pm
  • Sunday10am - 4pm

Why The Holiday People?

  • Trust

    Your money is protected by our Trust account and Client account.

    ATOL member No. 11740
    ABTA member No. P8142
    ATTA member
    ATAS member
  • Experts

    Our team are all experienced travellers, expedition leaders and instructors.

    Travel Expert
  • Built For You

    We have over 10,000 available tours and something to suit everyone or build your own with our Tailor Made team.

    Contact Our Tailor Made Team

    Call our experts on

    0208 004 3975
  • Flexible

    • Free Date Changes
    • Monthly Payment Plans
    • Low Deposits
    • Build Your Own
  • Value

    We promise to make sure you enjoy the highest possible value for your budget.