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ABTA Membership

Offering support, protection and expertise ABTA(The Association of British Travel Agents) ensure their member follow a strict code of conduct.

Our ABTA membership number is P8142 and you can find more information about our membership on the ABTA website by clicking here.

Below we answer some common questions around ABTA and our membership.

What is ABTA?

The Association of British Travel Agents aka: ABTA, has been around for over 70 years offering guidance to customers and businesses alike, setting standards of customer service and promoting tourism. Today ABTA has more than 4,300 members who generate over £39 billion of revenue every year.

Why join ABTA?

ABTA has been in existence for over 70 years and is arguably the most recognised brand so far as travel industry regulation and customer protection go.

At The Holiday People we felt it was important that we are recognised by ABTA as a genuine and validated business that customers can trust.

By successfully becoming a member of ABTA we are then able to display the logo on our website and offer customers further financial protection.

How does ABTA protect customers?

ABTA offers protection primarily in two forms for customers. First is the membership itself and second is financial protection.

Becoming a member of ABTA is not easy. ABTA makes sur every business is valid and a going concern with good governance. This gives the customer some protection in itself because each ABTA member has bene through the rigorous membership process.

When joining ABTA each business must take out a bond, a type of insurance, based on the size of the business. This bond protects monies paid towards bookings should the business fail. This in turn means customers can go on holiday and partners can b paid.

Can I check with ABTA?

Yes. The ABTA website is and specifically our ABTA membership page can e found by clicking here.

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