Giving back

We proudly support our group of brands with Project IMPACT.

Project IMPACT is World Adventures pledge to leave a positive footprint on our planet through set pledges with sustainability at the forefront.

World Adventures is The Holiday People’s holding company and we have other sister brands such as The Adventure People, The Tour People and The Safari People.

Impact Pledges

  1. Reduce Carbon Emission
  2. Restore Biodiversity
  3. Responsible Partnerships
  4. Reduce Inequality
  5. Receiving B Corp Certification

Carbon Emission

Tourism alone is contributing to the global carbon dioxide emissions, ranging from 3.9% to 6%. Post Covid, this is expected to rise. The higher the carbon emissions, the more it will contribute towards climate change affecting our natural ecosystem.

Impact’s pledge is to help reduce this. We will do so by working with organisations such as One Tree Planted. Where each booking will count towards one tree being planted. More trees planted contribute to reducing overall emissions. The number of trees planted will be reported annually to show Impact’s contribution.

We will measure and display the carbon emission output per tour/holiday on TAP and create an annual report of our progress. Our team will help measure your travel emissions whether it’s by flying, train or drive through sources such as these and to help you lower your carbon emission. As well as, providing alternative ways in lowering carbon footprint once in your destination (website that helps on how to compensate emissions through UN projects)

Restore Biodiversity

The rise of carbon emissions is having a direct impact on our planet’s biodiversity. More and more species of flora, fauna and wildlife are on the verge of becoming extinct, and very soon.

Impact pledges to work more towards conservation and help rewild our planet. We will do so by working with our local partners that offer conservation and volunteering opportunities, so you can help first-hand on your tour. As well as, working with organisations such as Rewilding Britain.

Responsible Partnership

The Adventure People works with many global tour operators and DMCs, currently we select these through careful consideration. But we can do more. Moving forward, we will work with our current partners to ensure they are in line with Impact’s pledges and provide help and guidance where needed.

We will make sure all new partnerships we onboard are in line with Impact’s commitments. We’ll continue to work with companies that share our values and have also pledged to take climate actions, list here.

Reducing Inequality

Tourism currently has a big gap in employment in gender inequality, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Reducing gender inequality is also one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 10).

The Holiday People and Impact recognises this and pledges to act now. We will do so by working with our local tour operators and DMCs in creating more employment opportunities for local women in a leadership role.

2021 saw the launch of The Adventure People’s Women’s Only tours in three different countries. Each tour is led by a female leader and for women only, with a portion of the total tour cost being donated towards a local cause helping gender inequality.  We continue to launch more female led tours in more destinations, but also ensure each tour is contributing towards training and employing more women in leadership roles.

Receiving B Corp Certification

The Holiday People’s goal is to be a Certified B Corporation and become a business with a purpose. We want to continue growing and have a positive impact on our employees, our partners, local communities and the environment.

“Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”

It is a long process to be fully certified, but we are willing and ready to take this step towards becoming the best we can be.

Final Note

Climate Action can feel overwhelming, and The Holiday People has a way to go to achieve all our pledges listed above. Therefore, we will take every step and work extremely hard to achieve each goal successfully, so we can continue to explore our beautiful planet.

This is our one and only mission.

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